Born in Ohio. Raised in Michigan. Two brothers. Wanted to study forensics and become an FBI agent.



Born in Indiana. Raised in Ohio. Eight siblings. Wanted to be an interior designer.



Adam and Laura met in 2008 at Starbucks. Laura was a barista at the time and Adam was the loyal Skinny Vanilla Latte customer. Adam finally got up the courage to ask Laura out, unfortunately it was not meant to be. So Adam found a new Starbucks to call home. A couple moves and a few years later they ran into each other in the very same Starbucks. Adam mustered up the courage once again and asked Laura out for dinner. The stars aligned and Laura said yes.

Since then it's been one adventure after another. Leaving the midwest and moving to Southern California. Got married in 2012 in sunny Riviera Maya surrounded by both family and close friends. Then in the beginning of 2015 a move to Portland, Oregon. 

We have two labrador retrievers who are our children. We ride motorcycles. We love to travel. When we're not working, we're exploring new places, meeting new people. Life is what you make it. We want ours to be an adventure. 


the WEDDING experience


The ability to capture memories that our couples can cherish forever is an amazing thing. When we met, Adam was a commercial photographer shooting product and lifestyle photography. As he is with most things in his life, he wanted to share his passion. Within the blink of an eye we were both shooting and loving it.

After a few years of each shooting solo we booked our first wedding shooting as a team and it changed everything. We decided that there were tremendous benefits to shooting together and haven't looked back. Not only are we able to capture more of a wedding day, but to capture special moments from two different perspectives is invaluable.

It wasn't until after our own wedding that we realized how truly emotional and life altering a wedding day is. So much love is wrapped up in one day and we've made it our goal to capture every smidgen possible!

Through the years we've been able to establish a style of photography that we both love. Clean and beautiful. Love is the focus and we frame that in a way that takes our couples right back to that moment in time.




Thank you for spending a little bit of time exploring what we're passionate about. A Plus L Photo started as this desire to combine what we both love to do so we can work together. Over the years it's transformed and changed and we're now getting back to basics. That's why you'll see a lot of content here. We want you to know what you're getting into. Whether you're looking for a wedding photographer, someone to help create a lifestyle look book, someone to give you a killer edit on your images, commercial on-white work, a boudoir session etc. we want to make sure we're a good fit.

Something that's always been important is that we connect with the people we work with. Whether it's our personalities that click, or our creative ideas mesh, or even if it's our life experiences that are similar, we want to build lasting relationships with those we work with.