Destination Wedding

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So... my friend hit me up and asked if I'd join him in North Carolina for a Destination Wedding shoot, How could I pass that up. So we headed out Thursday morning for an 11hr drive, ended up getting in at 9:30. The entire time the only thing I could think of was to get some surf in, I haven't been surfing in like 4 years. So we decided to wake up early before we met the bride and groom and go rent some boards, the hurricane was coming up the coast so the surf was suppose to be head high, ended up only being about waist high. That didn't matter though, I got to sit on a board in the ocean... the best feeling ever. Once you do it, you'll understand. Just Ask my friend who surfed for the first time.
Anyway, back to the wedding, It was actually beautiful, overlooking the ocean, all of the groomsmen wore sandals and the bride and groom were the most fun couple I have ever seen at a wedding. So many things went wrong for them, but it all ended up coming out perfectly. Check out some of the images from the time I was down there.