LeAnn and Jeff- Engagement Session

What can I say about this couple... Well, first thing I can say is that they are full of life and very much in love. I don't know too much about how they met, but I do know they grew up in the boonies. Both of them lived one town away from each other and they are getting married in a church that connects their two towns together. I wish I could shoot their wedding, but I had already booked their date when they got to me. We did the shoot at the Darby House in Galloway. They knew the director of operations, which meant that we had free reign of the property(most people aren't allowed going up to the highly protected buffalo or near the barns(Thanks Ashley!)) Also... I'm not a fan of my blog layout... Pictures are too small. So some of them you can click on and blow up. I'll be trying to put together a new blog soon! Stay posted and don't forget to show some blog love and leave a comment!

Impromtu leaf fight at Griggs Reservoir.
Their cool little dog with awesome ears... and some beautiful color for fall.

LeAnn decided to have some fun in the barn(she was right at home)!

We all know growing up on a farm that this had to of happened a lot. Where else can you get away from the parents?

The Buffalo were absolutely amazing... and HUGE. If you ever get a chance to see these beasts... Go do it!

Absolutely beautiful fall colors and loving couple!
Congratulations LeAnn and Jeff!