Jeff and Stephanie-OSU Engagement

All I can say about this couple is that they are wonderful! It's amazing to see how happy they are, laughing and joking with each other all of the time. For a couple that doesn't like to get their picture taken, they sure are photogenic. Jeff mentioned while we were walking around shooting at OSU that he probably had more pictures of his 4runner then he did of the two of them together. This made me want to make these pictures that much better, it also reminds me of my girlfriend and I (I guess that's what happens when you are the photographer though, always behind the camera and never in front of it.) You guys are amazing friends to me... I wish you still lived here! Congratulations and I'll be out to visit soon enough!
-Nature in the midst of the Urban OSU

-They even have modern architecture there. (Wish it was there when I went to school there.)

-Nice Bling Stephanie... Well done Jeff!
-November and the leaves still haven't all come down. Beauty in the Oval... no kids running around though.