Steve & Krista: Married- Newport, RI.

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Congratulations to a couple of our best friends! Steve and Krista, you both are absolutely beautiful inside and out. While  I was editing these images, I couldn't stop laughing and crying, there were so many great moments that we will never forget and you will never either. Let's start it off.... We arrived on Thursday evening just in time to grab dinner with friends at Brick Alley before going to Christie's to have a few more drinks, even though it rained on thursday evening it didn't get our spirits down, it just brought the creativity out in our photography.

I know you guys wanted all of who traveled from far to enjoy our time out here, and you also wanted us (Laura and I) to be in some of the pictures as well, so we may not be in that many but I picked a few just for you guys. First off, all the friends heading out on the town for a tour of Newport.

Friday comes and it's Rehearsal day... including some delicious dinner at Salvation Café. All men were being gentlemen, because it was cold as hell out and the cafe wasn't nearly ready for us, so they let the lovely ladies stay inside where it was toasty warm and the men froze their tales off telling stories out front!

It's Saturday... Wedding day!  Steve and Krista got ready right next door to each other in these cute little cottage house's at 41ºN

Krista writing her letter to her "Stevie Bean"

Krista again... but this time crying from her letter from "Stevie Bean" and the crying didn't stop there. She cried all the way down the aisle! It was a beautiful thing.

I guess this is where the romance is going to happen after the reception, and those are the slippers they are going to put on in the morning after a well earned rest!

Krista made this purse from her fathers Ties... that's some serious skill. I never thought any of her sewing was going to come in handy, but WOW... that Clutch is so Cool! What a great way to remember her Father!

We all got a little teary eyed during this Ceremony at the Kay Chapel in Newport, RI. I remember I had to walk to the back because my eyes were welling up.

Pretty much the coolest pictures after the beautiful Ceremony, I mean come on... who goes on a carousel with the entire wedding guests? This couple, because instead of sending the guests on their merry way to wait around for 4 hours, they decided to get two busses and have everybody take part in their pictures.

Once again back at 41ºN.... the reception. This was one of the most fun Receptions we have ever photographed, everyone was having a riot... Including Laura and I. Take a look below and you will see what I'm talking about.

Alright... I don't know who invited these guys... but thank god they were there, definitely  the life of the party!  Hey guys... take it easy on Avalon!

Thanks Drew for taking our picture during the reception, there may have been a few more racy ones, but I don't think the misses wants those up on the blog. You'll have to wait for the CD to see those!

Once again.... CONGRATULATIONS Steve and Krista on your beautiful wedding! We will never forget it, I hope ours is going to be as fun as yours was!