Family Vacation!!!! Utah- Salt Lake City.

Alright... So many of you knew that we headed out to SLC for Thanksgiving, and we appreciate how understanding you were to allow us to have a wonderful Family Vacation! With that said... Let me tell you what we did and show you a few pics. We were in SLC for a week visiting my brother and his wife, this was the first time that we had visited since they moved there over a year and half ago. It was a much needed visit, they recently moved into a new home... absolutely beautiful, it seriously sits on the side of a mountain that overlooks Salt Lake City, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful view to wake up to every morning. Besides it being freezing out there, all was good, we ended up getting around 6 inches of snow. So what does any normal family do when it snows that much... we headed to the mountains to go Sledding! Seriously... I haven't been sledding in probably 10 years... with that said, who actually sleds down the side of a mountain? Well... I guess our family does. It was a great bonding experience for everyone, we had a blast!  I'll fill you in on some of the details as we go along.

These two beautiful people below are my one and only parents! I couldn't ask for more supportive parents, they have been there through thick and thin and have always helped my brothers and I whenever we needed anything. They are amazing! All families have some problems... but there has never been anything that we couldn't get through. This is why I love them so much, we will always be there for each other no matter what happens. Mom and Dad... Thank-You for everything that you have ever done for me! I love you dearly!

Alright... the start of the trip to the sledding hill... it seems we had to cross the mountain through untraveled trails to get to the best spot... this is us as a group figuring out the best plan of attack.... you guys may know that beautiful woman in the middle, that would be the amazing Laura Young... and to her right... that would be my Brother Ryan... He's always excited when he gets to go play in the snow!

Here is my Brothers wife's brother... does that make sense?... He rocked out the sled... Shad, there is nothing you can't do.

Some more pics of the Ortiz family below... Aja(my brothers wife's family) Hey Ashleigh... I hope this pic is ok to post.

Here is my mother.... saying to hell with the sled... she decided to slide down on her boots and bottom!  To the right.... Laura, Aja, and Ashleigh.... You guys make a great sisterhood!

Aja and Ryan below... right after taking control of the mountain!

Here I am on the left... after the mountain handed my butt to me on a plastic platter... looks like it did the same to Laura!

Time for the trek back to the car... we tried another way... thought it'd be shorter... they kept saying... there's a bridge over here that crosses the water... it seemed like we walked for miles... Who knows how long it really was, be we eventually found that bridge and had to do a photo-shoot on it. See below!

We couldn't ask for better families! Everybody gets along... most of the time...but we all know if anything happens to one of us... we all have their backs. We are sorry that My oldest brother David and his wife Tammi and their beautiful son Lincoln couldn't have been with us... that would have made for the perfect vacation!

I love all of you!

Sorry I didn't get in this pic with my family.... I should have had somebody else take the picture!

Shad and Autumn.... you guys are cute... hahaha.