Lindsey- Model

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All I have to say is beautiful... Alright, maybe a few more things. I received an email from Lindsey's mother Lisa about doing some modeling pictures for her daughter who has never ever modeled before. She told me how old she was and when we got to the location I was shocked to see Lindsey looked way older then she really is, that may have something to do with her Mothers striking beauty! Anyway, she never modeled before, but you wouldn't be able to tell in these images. I asked her to laugh on command a few times and she did it, I said "Smize" and she pulled it off. Someone has been watching Americas Next Top Model a little too much I think. Lindsey you are beautiful in Mind, Body, and Spirit. I think you could have a run at this modeling thing.... Get in contact with those people I suggested and have at it. Make some money for College... or a car... or just to have fun with! If anyone reading this wants to use Lindsey as a model, get in touch with us and we will get you her contact info. Also... Don't forget to leave some blog love for Lindsey to let her know what you think of her!