McHone Family

It was the best day of the year, well, until the day after. It was 68º slightly overcast, no wind, but absolutely gorgeous for shooting photos. Hey Internet, what did you do this weekend? Did anyone else decide to pick up a camera and go shoot pictures of their kids? I decided to take a bit of extra time earlier in the day and enjoy it. I grabbed lunch at the coffee shop we were meeting at and just sat outside for about an hour and half before the shoot.   Needless to say, by the time the McHone's got there I was ready. I warned them before that we were going to do a bit of walking, they were absolutely ok with that. They came prepared with their double stroller and grabbed coffee right before we went out for our adventure. As they showed up I was wondering what they looked like, because I have never laid eyes on them before, just some emails back and forth. Needless to say  I was ecstatic, an absolutely beautiful family! We had so much fun, after of course I warmed up to their oldest son... a few High Fives did it for him... that made it easy on me. Check out our adventure in the Short North below.... What do you guys think of the yellow door, I tend to be drawn towards it, I've used it before, but I don't want to go there every time I have Children's shoot. Where would you guys go... I try and stay away from the parks, I'm more of a nitty, gritty, city kinda guy. I know Laura is the same way when she shoots.