The Pierce's

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We have known the Pierce's for, well, EVER. If anyone deserves a beautiful family it's them. They have always brought laughter into our lives, and now they have brought their own little bundle of laughter into their lives. I remember when we used to ride motorcycles and party in their back yard, there was never a dull moment when hanging around the Mike and Karla. It's weird for me to type "Mike" I have never called him that, it's always been "Pierce", just like he doesn't call me Adam, it's "Queen". Yeah.... I have a great last name. Anyway, enough about our past lives, Mike and Karla have a long life ahead of them filled with Love from their son and each other, I am told by every single one of my friends who have all had kids in the past couple of years that these are the best times. I think Laura and I are just going to take their word on that, we love kids, but don't want children of our own, we are dog people. I think we are the Aunt and Uncle types. Are we the only ones like this? ย With that said, we still love to photograph our friends and their children, and I know they love having a couple of photographers in the friends network to capture the best times in their lives. Let us know what you think of our dear friends in the comment section below! undefined