Ryan + September

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Ryan and September, a couple that was never suppose to be together... or so they thought. This beautiful and fun loving couple met at their jobs, like many couples do these days. September was the store manager of Walgreens and Ryan was the head Pharmacist in her store. There is always two sides to a story on how they ended up dating or what exactly happened to the lead up to the first date.  

Ryan said he pined over September for a long time, he knew he wanted to date her, but he also knew he wasn't allowed, inter store relationships were forbidden at Walgreens and as well they should be for most companies. September didn't have a clue, or so she says. She didn't think about dating anyone, love always happens when you least expect it.


As a pharmacist for Walgreens you work 3 weeks on and one week off, it's a stressful job. On one of his last days before his week off, Ryan asked September to dinner, I guess he had enough, I heard she was having a "Hot Hair Day". Ryan couldn't take it any longer, so he asked her dinner, he was so nervous that she would say no. So when September said Yes, he didn't know what to do, remember this was the last day before he was to take a week off. So being confused that she actually said yes, Ryan smiled and got flustered and I guess circled and left to go home... for a week.


September didn't know what happened, and didn't know if he was serious, she thought he just wanted to grab dinner as friends, so she didn't think anything of it. A week later and Ryan came back to work. He obviously didn't forget she said that she would grab dinner, so one night they went out to the Winking Lizard, now their favorite bar. September at this point still thought they were going as friends, after all they worked together, and weren't allowed to date. They drove over to the bar together straight after work one night and laughed and joked the entire evening. At the end of the evening, Ryan drove her back to her car and as they were saying their good-bye's, Ryan kissed her. At this point September finally realized that this was more then just a friends night out. She was excited!


Fast forward 10 months.... that is 10 months of hiding their relationship from all of their co-workers, they finally found out that Walgreens didn't care if they dated, they were both Managers, but Managers of what was really two different stores. One a head Pharmacist and the other Store Manager. They were so relieved, but laughed for a long time about it. They Dated for 2.5 years and finally got engaged!


The engagement story will come to this blog soon, we just need to get them some engagement pictures first. I can't wait to tell that story, let alone the story of their wedding day at the Darby House.


Below are a few quick snapshots I took of them outside of our studio. Don't forget to let this beautiful couple know what you think in our comment section and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. I'll be posting it there when they are up on the blog! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!