Tiffany + Peter - June 25, 2011

How could you not love this couple? Fun, witty, stylish, and design oriented. As photographers we love people that don't forget any details, Just look at these invites that were put together for their wedding.


Peter, you definitely belong in a magazine. Who does he remind you of? It's some actor... I just can't place it, can someone help me out here? It's driving me crazy!

Really I couldn't help but shoot this group of guys and girls with the Tilt/Shift lens. Some people can pull it off and some can't, but with those suits and ties, I knew these guys were the right ones for this lens!

Tiffany, you ooze beauty!

Laura and I absolutely love "First Looks". If you are getting married, we highly highly recommend it. Just look at the emotion that came from this couple as they saw each other for the first time, you can't recreate that after the wedding, and you don't ever get the same reaction from each other when you see each other from the alter to the back of the church. Another good thing about the "first look" is that you get all of your pictures out of the way before the ceremony, then all you have to worry about after is a couple family pics and getting your party on... and if you know Laura and I we love to get our party on!

You guys were born to be models... yowza!

Check out these cuff links... specially engraved for their wedding day. So he never forgets when he got married. Tiffany, Did you do this on purpose?

Details, Details!

Now we didn't get to try these drinks... but they looked so refreshing!

Cake Cutting... oh, and Peter's parents have been married for 40 years, and what a sense of humor they have!

PARTY TIME! Yes, I do believe that Michael Jackson's Thriller came on at just the right moment.

When I first met Peter I never would have guess that he is a dancing machine... but thanks to Laura capturing these amazing images, we see just how awesome of a dancer he is!