Justin + Lisa- The McKinley Grand

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 12.24.09 PM

So be prepared... this is a monstrous blog post. I have to say I couldn't help myself, I'm sure Laura will say this is too many photos to post for a blog, but come on, I just bought a new lens (35MM 1.4) I just shot away! Sorry Laura! As for Justin and Lisa, you guys rock my world, your wedding was stunning, the wedding party was a riot, and the reception was off the wall! If you guys ever wanna hang out, give me call, you are so much fun! Since there are so many pictures here, I'm not going to say much more except enjoy them!

ALO??? Thanks Justin, I already downloaded it! Great chill music to get ready to!

Lisa was laughing hysterically when she opened her letter, because she bought these cards, Justin forgot to get a nice one. So this one said "Thank You". Thank you for marrying me... hahahaha! Everybody in the room was almost in tears!

Even though the limo bus was really late to pick them up, the girls had a blast heading to church, and how couldn't you when you are Rocking out to Bette Midler- Chapel of Love.

This guy was an awesome singer!

Although it took us awhile to find some perfect spots to shoot the wedding party, they truly got down with taking some fun pics. The one on the right is probably my favorite, just look at Justin strutting it! Are you a male model?

This was all Justin's idea!

These cookies on the left were my favorite as a child... I'm not going to lie, I may have eaten about 3,000 calories worth of treats. I need to hit the gym!