Jenna + Bobby- Powell

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 12.46.23 PM

This couple is definitely in love... just look at the images and give me one that doesn't show how much they adore each other. You can't! The two of them met while working in a grade school, they were teachers with rooms right next to one another. How could you not make a connection. I am so happy they allowed me to shoot their engagement. Congratulations you two!!!!!

Practicing their dance moves for the wedding, and Bobby posing like a super model!

Bridges are everywhere in Ohio, old, cool, rusted bridges! You can't help but get enthralled with shooting on them! This one is outside of Powell.

Nice work with that Bling!!!

I couldn't help but pull out my tilt shift lens for this couple, I knew they could rock it out... and as you see below they did just that!

Whoa, you two.... Save it for the honeymoon!