McCort Family

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 11.53.56 AM

This morning we went out and had a bit of fun just outside of downtown for another session with the McCort Family. I have to say, not as easy as it was when the kiddo's were a little smaller, but we still got some outstanding images. Ryder spent the entire session running away from me, he's a quick little guy. Mia was a bit more shy then last time, but as it always happens, by the end of the session they were bumping fists with me and giving me high fives! For those photographers who visit the blog, all of this session was shot with the 85mm F1.2. I absolutely love that lens and the focus drop off and bokeh that happens in the background. I switched it up a bit and had Mom and Dad hold a reflector for me to bounce a bit of light into the eyes of their children. If you have any questions feel free to post up some comments and I'll answer anything you want!

Enjoy their little sneak peak!

Below is Ryder running away... I had to post that!

And below here, I surprised Ryder when he looked up at me. I admit, he looks a little grumpy. He wasn't, I think he was so interested in the guy standing on top of the climbing wall that me calling his name was a surprise to him.