Chad + Julia: 10-28-11


Had a beautiful small wedding yesterday at Franklin Park Conservatory. This is actually the first wedding we have shot there. It was stunning, maybe it's just this time of year but the colors inside and out were fantastic. Congratulations Chad and Julia on getting hitched! You couldn't have picked a more beautiful day, not too cold, not too warm, just right! Have we mentioned before how much we love to have the bride and groom see each other before the wedding? If not, it's pretty much the best thing ever! It gives plenty of time to take pictures with out being rushed and once the wedding is over, there are just a few family pictures to take and you can enjoy yourself at the reception or cocktail hour and do what you want to do.... Hang with your friends and family! I don't know why couples don't always do this (if you ask I'll give you the real reason why couples started not seeing each other before the wedding, or maybe you can guess!)


Gotta love the Officiant who uses an iPad. We got the low down on why he uses it. First, so if he gets lost in the speech nobody will know that he lost his place, and also so when he's outside his papers don't blow away in the wind. Not to mention it's super cool and trendy!