Esslinger Family Photos

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I had the absolute pleasure to photograph these adorable kids in laguna. This brother and sister were having a blast... well... what kid really wants their picture taken, so I guess let's say they were putting up with me.  It was so bright and warm out that it actually felt like summer. If only it was.  Let us know where you want your family photos taken. We'll meet you there! The Following images were fun to shoot, there were so many shells all over the place. This was just about 3 seconds of putting your hands down and scooping them up. These clam shells had such beautiful color and texture.

I couldn't believe these two were walking around on the rocks without shoes or sandals. It was rough, I guess kids will be kids though.

What younger sibling doesn't like a good piggy back ride from their older sibling?  The answer to this question is none of them, they all love it.

I wish we could have taken these Kayaks out, would have made for some great images to see the children paddling through the waves and laughing.

For all of you photographers out there, the images below have such great light in their eyes because of the natural reflector. There was a bright tan building the sun was hitting behind me while I was shooting. It lit up their faces perfectly.