Devin + Erik: Crystal Cove Engagement Session

We met Devin and Erik at Crystal Cove State Park for their engagement session and they did fantastic! Laughing and goofing around the whole time! The trail leading down to the beach was beautiful. We were having them stand in the middle of the path and somehow that turned into an impromptu dance session. Loved it! They're such a cute, genuine couple! Made for a fabulous engagement session! 2013-03-24_0012013-03-24_002 2013-03-24_003 2013-03-24_004 2013-03-24_005 2013-03-24_006 2013-03-24_007

Love the shots we got on this hidden little staircase!! Had a hard time picking some favorites... so I picked a bunch! The light coming through the trees is just lovely!


Beautiful day on the beach! So gorgeous!


You can't tell in these shots... but between the first and second shot, Devon chucked her shoes at her husband to be. Hence all the laughter! :)

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