A little on the Personal side: Brody the Lab

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.23.31 AM

So we don't normally post much personal information on here, but that needs to change. This is who we are, and we think you guys should deserve a little insight into our lives. Most of our time is spent on our business, it doesn't seem like we've had anytime for anything else lately. We do have dogs and the dogs need to be unleashed every so often, they are actually our children. Since our lab pup just had some surgery she has not been able to get out to the park, but she spends a crazy amount of time with her brother Brody. He is in all the pictures below. It's great to have such a great friend that got the counter part to our terror. She knows how exhausting it can be to have a puppy. I decided to kill two birds with one stone today. I had a couple things on the to do list. I knew the pups needed to get out, they were driving us crazy. I also needed to test one of our lenses, it seems like we were having a little focusing trouble with it. So off to the beach it was, puppy and canon camera with 50mm lens in tow. Wow, did those dogs need to get out, they were like a jack in the box. Turn the handle and watch them pop out, except this was the minute their feet touched the sand it was over, let the craziness ensue.

So here is the result of the lens test below, seems to be doing ok for now. It needs more testing, maybe on a subject that doesn't move as fast.