Tiffani + Christopher - Redondo Beach Wedding

While I was shooting Tiffani and Christopher's engagement session in Long Beach I came to realize that they were in fact married (surprise!). You can check out the engagement session here. Tiffani and Christopher met in school and immediately the two of them, and everyone else around them, knew that they'd found their other half. Being from opposite sides of the United States they wanted to have two celebrations to include all their loved ones. They decided to officially tie the knot in Maryland. Then a year later, they were joined here on the West Coast (best coast) by the rest of their family & friends.

The 2nd wedding took place in Redondo Beach at the The Chart House. The weather was perfect and the bridal party was exceptional. Loved how all the girls helped each other get ready! At one point their was a train of girls doing each others hair and makeup. Oh and I will say this; we don't always do jumping shots, but when we do, the bride jumps higher than everyone!

Although it was a second go round for Tiffani and Chris - it was so evident the joy and excitement that everyone had for the two of them. What a wonderful support system you two have!! All the best!!

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