Ashley + Blake: Paso Robles Hilltop Wedding

When you know... you just know. And little Blake knew he'd found his soul mate when he approached her on the playset at the tender age of 8. Through the years they formed a deep friendship which developed into a big love. We are so happy for these two love birds! The foundation they have for their relationship coupled with their family and friends support is so rare and beautiful! We were beyond excited for their wedding from the get-go. From the ease of communication with the two of them, to hearing about Ashley's DIY plans, to knowing it was a hilltop wedding at sunset, we were stoked! But nothing could have prepared us for how beautiful it would actually be. For us the day started at the home Ashley has grown up in. Both of their families were beyond welcoming to the both of us. After their first look we were able to have some time with the two of them on the hilltop where their ceremony would take place. The views were staggering! 360 degrees of gorgeous!!

Instead of having the typical reception, Ashley and Blake opted to let guests mingle pre-ceremony. Such a relaxed and beautiful environment. It was so sweet to see Blake and Ashley out greeting all their guests as they approached. At one point Blake turned to me with a twinkle in his eye and told me how much everyone absolutely loves Ashley. You could see the immense pride and love written all over him.

Then it was up to the hilltop to begin the ceremony that would end right around sunset. To begin the ceremony Ashley surprised Blake by singing - now while that in and of itself is cute, it's even more special when you know the story behind it. Ashley was telling me about how incredibly talented Blake's family is musically. Since she doesn't sing much, she knew this surprise would mean a lot to Blake. And how incredibly appropriate! To send your spouse the message that you're all in - that you're willing to put yourself out there to make them happy. Totally adorable!

Last but not least, the get away truck! A '51 Chevy pickup that Ashley and her father have been restoring off and on for years! Loved it!! Ashley and Blake, we are so immensely happy for the two of you and were honored to be able to capture your day. You two have an easy breezy type of love and we wish you two a world of happiness and love!! Congratulations!!