Fresh Starts and New Years Resolutions

For about forever I've loved fresh starts. The beginning of a week (crazy I know), a new year, a new home. A clean slate. The chance to begin anew. And since the new year was a rather hectic time for us, I decided to make February 1st the first day of my New Year. Since this is the beginning of my year I'm starting by writing down some new years resolutions. One that's pretty high up on the list is to get back to blogging. Done! Woo off to a great start! And another huge one is to start journaling again. I know keeping a journal isn't for everyone but it is immensely helpful for me. It's not a "diary" where I talk about how sally's so mean - it's a place where I can write down all that's jumbled in my head. I tend to keep a lot inside, too much in fact. Whether it's reaching a goal with our business or being frustrated with my own personal growth, I tend to keep it to myself since I know "other people have more important things going on". So for me to be able to word vomit all those feelings onto a few pages, it's like I can think clearly again.

A Plus L Photo - Portland Oregon Photographer
A Plus L Photo - Portland Oregon Photographer

There are so many things you can do to keep your insides healthy. And I'm not talking about your physical self, although that is also very important, but your soul or the essence of who you are. For some it's a physical activity that empties the mind of stress like yoga or pilates. Or the peace that comes from total silence and meditation. For some it's a long hard run that loosens up their hearts. I know some beautiful mothers and fathers that talk of the changes that follow seeing their beautiful newborn for the first time. And for others (like me) it's a combination. Recently I've been craving peace and a good ol' dose of introspection. While it can be scary to think about all the things you shove out of your everyday consciousness, it can be so freeing. What do you do to keep your insides healthy and full of love?

Alright people, it's my first day but you've been at this a whole month! Stick to those resolutions! Make 2015 the best year yet! And maybe, just maybe, take a moment today to look inside and make sure you're becoming your best self <3

PS. If you haven't checked out KINFOLK yet, definitely worth it!