ADVENTURE: Descend on Bend : Part 1

Our little van has needed quite a bit of tender loving care since we acquired her. And it was a close call as to whether we would be able to make it to the event Descend on Bend a couple weeks ago. But thanks to the hard work of our mechanic, we were able to take our first ever weekend journey in our van.

On the drive down to Bend, OR we experienced gorgeous views. We also experienced first hand how the van struggles in the mountains. It's seriously going to be an adjustment. 40 mph seemed to be our top speed going up hill. Many thanks to passing lanes and encouraging tailgaters! So after 3 hours, we needed a breather and our dogs needed a romp. After all, we were meeting close to 200 people. We knew absolutely no one... so we decided to take a quick break and wear the dogs out and take in the scenery before reaching our final destination. We spotted a little dirt road and here's where it led us.

Latitude: 43°43'35.5"N

Longitude:  -121°34'14.1"W

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: No hiking needed.

Mileage from Portland:  194 miles

Road to Arrival: Paved, then a short dirt road to explore LaPine State Park

Dog Friendly: Dog Friendly

Elevation: Around 4,000 ft. 

Bathrooms: None

Campfires: Yes, if not during restricted time periods. 

Parking: Anywhere... it's a dirt road and we didn't see a soul.

NW Forest Pass:  No Pass Required

It may have been a bit dusty, but it was totally worth it for the scenery. Not to mention the dogs absolutely loved it. We love to see them smile at any cost.