ADVENTURE: Trillium Lake Camping

Trillium Lake view of Mt. Hood

Latitude: 45.279795° N

Longitude:  -121.733134° W

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: Around 4.5 miles

Mileage from Portland:  58.6 miles

Road to Arrival: Paved, then a short dirt road to campground

Dog Friendly: Dog Friendly- Private free camp. 

Elevation:  3,601 feet

Bathrooms: None, unless you drive down to the campground 1/2 mile away. 

Campfires: Yes

Parking: Can fit 3 cars. But there is parking across the street in the Mountain biking parking lot

NW Forest Pass:  No Pass Required

This is me, I'm trying to grow a beard.

This is Laura... She's rad... The only person that can put up with me. And here we have the path that surrounds the lake, it's a great hike for kids. There are a ton of little paths down to the lake that you can just set up for the day and lounge by the water. If you bring dogs and they like to run crazy like ours, we recommend keeping them on leash. We didn't, and endured the wrath of the deepest mud pit I've ever seen. Both dogs hopped off the path in what looked like a little mud patch. They both sank to the bottom and disappeared. Freaked us out until they popped back up completely different colors.  

This is us at camp... not another soul around. If you want to find awesome camp spots that no one will ever be at, go buy this book. Camp Free. It's only for Mt. Hood National Forest, but it's so worth it. We expected to stay at the camp ground by the lake, but by the time we got there, every spot was taken. Luckily we had this book and were able to find this little spot that ended up being perfect for our crew.