ADVENTURE: Pine Rest Campground

We arrived at Pine Rest Campground amid sprinkles and the fear that we would be settling into a raining day. And we almost headed south in search of milder weather... fortunately I won the argument and we totally lucked out with this little spot. Typically we've been avoiding campgrounds in favor of finding hidden gems off the beaten path, but this campground was completely empty. There wasn't a soul around and the area was beautiful. All the fall colors mixed with the scent of a wood burning fire was the perfect way to enjoy the quick autumn season. 

Another plus was that it had a covered little building where we were able to build an enormous warm fire. Not to mention the peaceful Metolious River was gurgling right past our site. Such a relaxing little area to find ourselves in. So we set up camp and took the doggies for a run along the river. After wearing them (and let's be honest, us!) out, we settled in to enjoy the sights and smells. Definitely recommend this area for off season camping. Something tells me that in-season would be a total cluster to actually find an open spot. Alright, that's all for now! Happy Monday!

Latitude: 44°48150397

Longitude:  -121°6381514

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: No hiking needed. 

Mileage from Portland:  182 miles

Road to Arrival: Paved

Dog Friendly: Dog Friendly. There are leash rules, but as the only campers we ignored those. 

Elevation:  2,900 Feet

Bathrooms: Yes. One small his and hers out house. 

Campfires: Yes

Parking: Parking for 1 van

NW Forest Pass:  There was a site fee

On our drive back we stumbled on Lost Lake. Panorama was a must.