ADVENTURE: Deschutes National Forest

Latitude: 44°24'44.8"N

Longitude:  122°02'36.1"W

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: No clue, just camped. Ask Bigfoot

Mileage from Portland:  134 miles

Road to Arrival: Paved, then a short dirt road to campground

Dog Friendly: Dog Friendly- Private free camp. 

Elevation:  3,156 Feet

Bathrooms: None, the woods are your friend. Take a shovel. 

Campfires: Yes

Parking: Can fit 3 cars, and probably more along the road that no-one drives on. 

NW Forest Pass:  No Pass Required

Judging how long it's going to take us to get to a certain location has drastically changed since investing in our adventure mobile. I think it's a bit of a combination of things. On the one hand, the speed with which we travel has decreased. Especially on hills where I'm tempted to channel my inner The Little Engine That Could by chanting "I think I can I think I can". But I also believe that because we can't travel very quickly, we tend to look around more. We're able to appreciate more of the beauty that surrounds us. We make more stops to see more things. It's as if the inability to move faster has slowed us down even more.

On one such trip we found ourselves nearing midnight and we were still hours away from our destination. Instead of trying to power through we decided to find a spot to catch a few hours before continuing the next morning. We lucked upon a spot that would have been amazing had it not been down pouring. It was raining hard enough that we couldn't get little Sailor to leave the van, hence no doggie pics. But once the weather is a bit nicer it would be a perfect little spot for a few vans, a raging fire, good stories and new memories.