ADVENTURE: Mount Hood National Forest

Last weekend Adam and I ventured out and up into the Mount Hood National Forest to get a look at some winter. We'd heard that snow was finally falling so we had to go check it out. The dogs freaked a little at the sight, smell, feel of the white cold stuff. But they warmed up to it almost immediately. We couldn't get them back into the car! Excited to get them into some real winter this year.

Latitude: 45°276988

Longitude:  -121°741683

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: No hiking needed. 

Mileage from Portland:  45 miles

Road to Arrival: Dirt and Gravel Roads.

Dog Friendly: Dog Friendly. Just beware of other people driving. 

Elevation:  2,130 Feet

Bathrooms: No. Just nature's bathroom

Campfires: Yes

Parking: I don't think there was technically parking anywhere. We just found a spot where we fit.

NW Forest Pass:  Yes.