ADVENTURE: Olympic Peninsula

After a wonderful thanksgiving celebration we headed up north to explore the Olympic Peninsula a bit. We hardly made a dent. The first night we got a tip about a fire road just outside of Forks, WA that had some off grid camp spots. We found a perfect little spot next to a river. There were a bunch of downed trees and what not that we were able to axe for an extended campfire... it was a pretty cold weekend with evening temps getting close to 20•.


Latitude: 47.958660

Longitude:  -124.229230

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: No hiking needed. 

Mileage from Portland:  256 miles

Road to Arrival: Dirt and Gravel Roads.

Dog Friendly: Dog Friendly. Just beware of other people driving. 

Elevation:  1,130 Feet

Bathrooms: No. Just nature's bathroom

Campfires: Yes

Parking: 2 wheel drive is fine. you can fit 2-3 cars, a few tents around the campfire. If you have 4x4 you could actually drive down and park right next to the river.

NW Forest Pass:  Yes, you should have one technically, but it was out of season and we forgot ours at home. 

After a chilly night we headed into Forks for breakfast, unfortunately we didn't spot any vampires. After that we headed straight out to the coast to La Push Beach. It was beautiful and the sun was surprisingly warm... we didn't want to leave!


Day two had us traveling around the northern most part of the Peninsula. It was so beautiful! But not to many turn offs for camping. Luckily we ventured down a sketchy little road that led to an off-roading course. We found a great little space to park right next to a fire ring and bubbling brook. 


We also got to play around with some night shots. The stars were amazing!