ADVENTURE: Little ZigZag Falls

A few weekends ago Adam and I got to talking about how we were surprised we weren't able to get into the holiday spirit. I decorated the snot out of our place, the weather was cold, what gives!? We definitely thought that'd it be easier than when we lived in southern California where the weather hardly changed. So we headed up to Mount Hood to find some Christmas cheer.

Without a real destination in mind we stumbled on a couple perfect wintery areas. Little zigzag falls was a short little hike where we met the friendliest man and his two huge Saint Bernards. His enthusiasm for the outdoors was contagious. He gushed on and on about what a wonderful area it was and how we should see this place or that place. He was awesome. Then we stopped by a little campground where Adam started a fire and we let the dogs wear themselves out. Of course we had to have a little winter time brew with our excursion!

So, we were struggling with a case of the bah humbugs and found the perfect remedy. Nature.

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