Adventure: Dog Days of Summer

It's national dog day and we're admittedly dog people, so here are some pictures of our loves! They're the absolute best adventure buddies. Always up for exploring. And when that tongue comes out, you know they're pumped.

These were a few shots taken on a recent trip to the beach. There aren't many because Echo (black dog) decided to jump her salty wet self into our lens. Awesome. But who could stay mad at that face?!

Happy Dog Day Friends!!

Latitude: 45.8847° N

Longitude: 123.9669° W

Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Length of Hike: Depends on you

Mileage from Portland:  96.5 miles

Road to Arrival: Paved.

Dog Friendly: Off-Leash Friendly

Altitude Gain: 0 feet

Bathrooms: No

Campfires: Yes

Parking: Parking on neighborhood streets is easiest

NW Forest Pass: Not Required