Cheyanne + Tanner :: Rockabilly Inspired Engagement Session

These cuties knocked it out of the park! It may appear to be a styled shoot but it's not! They put so much time and effort into making this session totally and uniquely their own. And I'm in love with it. 

When Cheyanne and I connected and began talking about what they were looking for, I was hooked. A picnic? Done. 1950's Customline? For sure. Oh and you both are basically models? Yeah I'll take it.

But it wasn't all fun and games. They rolled with it as we struggled to find a good time/place to make this work. When we found out that it was going to be 90+ degrees outside, neither complained a bit. As we sat in a sweltering parking lot realizing that finding an area to shoot was going to be harder than imagined, they stayed totally upbeat and optimistic. Then Cheyanne's coworker walked over and offered us a vineyard. Stars aligning? Yeah I think so. So take a look, it's the bees knees. 

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