ADVENTURE: Family Time

Living on the opposite side of the country from my family has definitely been difficult over the past few years. Especially recently when we haven't had the luxury of traveling back on a frequent basis. So when my sister (also a recent PNW transplant) and I found out that my brother was coming out for a visit, it was game on!

What places could we show him that may convince him to part ways with the midwest and join us in exploring the Pacific Northwest?  We weren't able to visit half the places we wanted to, but we were able to show off some of the places that
we love so much. 


While I had never been to Pittock Mansion, I heard the view of downtown Portland was a must see. And it did not disappoint. It was a quick little visit, but totally worth it.

Multnomah Falls was a give in for a first time visit to Oregon. While it was definitely crowded, and the waterfall was a little sparse, it was still beautiful. 

Afterwards we hit up a little spot called Thunder Island Brewing for brews and snacks.  

The entire weekend was filled with stories about our childhood, and "remember when's", and getting caught up on life. It's crazy to realize that even with thousands of miles separating us, and years without deep talk, no one knows you quite like your siblings. So while it's hard to be so far away from everyone, this weekend reminded me that family is family no matter what. Time and distance can't change that. 

Last but not least we went out to Cannon Beach and the infamous Haystack Rock where we sat on the beach, sipped some beverages and watched the waves roll in. And forgot to take pictures because we were just enjoying the company. As it should be.