Wedding Album FAQS

Recently I've been designing a lot of wedding albums for our awesome couples. With all that designing has come a bunch of questions. Since there are many more albums to be designed I figured I'd answer some common questions and give information about the whole process.


What's the first step?

Select your absolute favorite images from your online gallery and "like" them. They will then be in your "favorites" folder. I will be able to view said folder in order to see which images are going into your design.

How many favorites?

Unless you've upgraded the amount of spreads you have in your album, you will have 10 spreads (20 individual page). For 10 spreads I recommend selecting 40-50 images.

I Cannot Decide!

Do not worry, I can help with that. Sometimes it helps to simply see your images in a design. If you have too many, or can't decide on very similar images, just let me know. 

Can I add additional spreads if I can't narrow things down?

Yes you can. Additional spreads start at $10 a piece. The pricing varies depending on the size of the album and whether you've selected linen or leather.

What's the design process like?

Once you let me know that you've selected your favorites, I will design a layout for you to look at. I will send you a link where you will be able to "flip through" you album. 
You will have the option to leave notes on each spread letting me know what you'd like changed. Once we get everything dialed in
I will send off the files to get the printing started.

How long does it take to get my album delivered?

The printing process takes approximately 4-5 weeks. After that I typically have the album shipped to me first so I can see all the prettiness, then ship it to you. So all in all once we decide on design it will be about 6 weeks before you get to hold this beauty.

What's the difference between the linen and the leather album?

Leather albums feature photographic prints bound in full-grain leather covers and a hard substrate between the pages. Weighty and resistant to damage, leather albums are perfect
for a wedding book.

Linen albums have textured, linen covers and pages that are glued back-to-back (without any material between them). Linen albums are thinner and lighter.

What are my color options?

Wait, there's engraving?

Well there sure is! The company we use now offers engraving. The cost of engraving is $30 for two lines of text. It could be your names and the date of your wedding or some cute phrase. Possibilities are endless!

Can anyone order an album through you?

Yes indeed! Parents, grandparents, etc.

For even more information check out this blog post from a while back! 

Well there it is, a bunch of frequently asked questions have been answered! If you have other questions please just shoot me an email and we can get it figured out! And if you're one of my couples who hasn't ordered your album yet (I know who you are!), better late than never!