Family Photo Sessions Are My Cardio

When I'm initially booking a family session with a first time client I try to explain how I work. And that basically means we let the kiddo's lead the way. At some point I'll mention that I typically end up chasing kids around, and they chuckle. No seriously. They don't understand that chasing is almost always a part of my session. It doesn't matter if you have a baby angel who hasn't shed a tear their entire life and always smiles for your camera! Once they realize that this lady is going to be pointing some big lense at them, all bets are off. After years of shooting portraits of young'ins, I know I can skip cardio on the day of a session.

Since I've been shooting with this family for years, they get it. We did some posing to start, and then just let these cutie pies do whatever they wanted in order to get some smiles.  And boy did we get some. The thing I love is that in 15 years these littles are going to be able to look back at these images and re-live park time with mom. They'll laugh about the sunglasses and floppy hat, then they'll make a comment about how beautiful their mom was in that one shot, the one on the slide. Epic. So to show that your babes don't need to be perfectly posed in order to get images that will warm their hearts for years, here are some candids!