Sly + Spy Play "Soccer"

While back in Ohio I was lucky enough to get together with every single person in my family. May not seem like a big deal but parents, 7 siblings, with significant others, and kids, and pets, all with different schedules... well you catch my drift. A highlight was definitely getting to hang with my niece and nephew and all their adorableness.
Check it - they're pretty awesome. 

One event I got to witness was a soccer game. Stella played wonderfully. And by "played" I mean it was social hour. She ran up and down the field smiling her beautiful smile and trying to make friends with any kid who would look her way. When she wasn't participating in the game, she was hanging out in the goal like a boss.


My nephew Sam stayed on the sidelines and hung all over my cool as a cucumber brother and just melted my heart. Major kudos to all the parents and coaches who so patiently volunteer to be a part of an afternoon who's primary objective is to wear out children. And a big congratulations to my bro and sis for making the most adorable kiddos. Cannot wait for #3!!

So glad I got to spend time with these little humans who are growing up way too fast. And parents, no one thinks less of you for putting your kid in a sport with the secret objective to get them to sleep a little early. You created a human, you deserve it.