ADVENTURE: Getting the Van

Last night Adam and I had a conversation about who's idea it was to begin our search for an adventure mobile. He insists that it was my idea, and I know he's the one who talked me into it. Either way, we've been dreaming about finding something road and trail worthy to accompany us on our adventures, just didn't think we'd have found something already!

On a Friday afternoon we drove up north of Seattle, WA to see a guy about a van. The owner of the van purchased it as a project with his son and put a lot of time and effort into figuring out what it needs to make this little gem beautiful again. We knew walking into the situation that it was going to be a fixer upper, and it definitely is.

There are so many little things to be fixed, painted, tuned up, cleaned, glued, screwed and stapled. But the bones are good, and we love a challenge, so we shook hands and began our trek home.


The drive from Seattle to Portland was a bit longer than expected. About 8 hours longer. We'd been driving for about an hour when I noticed the westfalia's lights start to dim. And before I knew it Adam had pulled onto the shoulder of the highway with a dead van. Luckily Adam had the foresight to ask me to bring jumper cables so we were able to jump the van back to life. Whew. Back on the road again only to drive for 30 min and had the same thing happen. After the third death and the realization that a belt had snapped, we were both totally exhausted so we all cuddled up in the FJ to sleep until a mechanic opened. 

We groggily made our way to the nearest mechanic to see if there was any way they could tell us what was wrong. Fortunately we happened upon a Jiffy Lube with two super helpful mechanics who worked (off the clock I might add) with Adam to get a new belt put on. Presto! Problem solved! Finally back on the road and it was smooth sailing all the way home.

We know there will be many more snafu's with this project, but we're excited to see where it will take us. Oh and the dogs definitely aren't minding the bed on wheels. Now to go figure out how to attach the tent! Happy Trails!