Friday Favorites: Gear for Engagement Sessions

We've got an engagement session coming up this weekend and I've been really excited, so I may have started getting things organized a little early. When shooting an e-sesh or other outdoor portrait work, we like to pack light so we're as mobile as possible (I've been known to climb on things). So here's what I'll be taking!

1. Memory Cards: Main card for RAW files and a back up card for Jpegs.

2. Back up Camera Body. I've never had an issue with a camera while shooting *knock on wood*, but just in case I drop mine, I've always got another.

3. Lenses: 50mm (my go-to, right hand lense), 85mm (beautiful for portraits) and 70-200mm (to compress that space)

4. Extra Batteries: Again, this is just a precaution. Unless the battery in my camera is half way dead, I most likely won't need these.

5. Ciesta Camera Hand Strap: This is what prevents me from dropping my camera on the daily. I'm a regular old butter fingers who shouldn't be trusted with nice things. 

6. Light: A Sony video light to be exact. This little bad boy has been so super convenient over the years. While we don't always need it, there have been quite a few times that it's been a lifesaver.

7. Microfiber cloth: Because even if you start a session with clean lenses, anything could happen and you don't want your glass getting gunky.

8. Camera Bag: My tried and true Tenba bag has been with me for a LONG time. And it's not showing signs of slowing. But still, this girl may be jonsing for an upgrade.

So that's it. We keep it simple. And this setup weighs in at a tender 16 lbs. just in case you were wondering. Happy Friday folks!