ADVENTURE: The Oregon Coast

With a long weekend looming we knew we wanted to go exploring, we just didn't know where. So we chose to go to the warmest (still freezing) area within a reasonable driving distance, the Oregon coast. Without a concrete destination in mind, we wandered up and down some fire roads in search of a place to set up camp. After much searching we finally found this little gem. While it was ridiculously windy, some kind tree choppers left of plenty of fire wood.

Day two we wandered back down to the coast and out to Cape Perpetua where we saw some photographer get absolutely blasted by the waves. Got to stay aware when taking pics of the angry sea! The waves were impressive. Not huge, but seriously powerful. It was probably the rowdiest we've seen the coast so far.


I've got a huge thing for sunsets and this weekends did not disappoint. If I was a skilled painter, I may just paint sunsets all day long. Fortunately for Adam, I'm not a skilled painter. 

After catching this beautiful sunset in Pacific City we searched and searched for a camp site, but after a couple hours it came down to a camp ground we'd been to once before or a parking lot. We decided on the camp ground (bathrooms!) Not our favorite location but check out them stars!