Tips For Shooting in the Snow

Engagement Session in the Snow : A Plus L Photo

As I'm sitting here waiting for these images to upload I'm thinking back on our experience with this engagement session. Particularly the outdoor winter wonderland part, and I've got a few tips for shooting in winter weather.

Tip 1:

As a photographer shooting in the cold you need to be warm, not cute. Sure you shouldn't look like a slob, but it's more important that you dress for the elements than to look "professional". Might I recommend water proof footwear, warm clothes and perhaps a pair of tight fitting gloves (the later of which I wish I had). Frozen fingers = camera shake.

Tip 2:

Winter Engagement Session in the Snow : A Plus L Photo

Bring an umbrella! I never would have thought of this but luckily my bride had one in her car. Snow is not the friend of styled hair, the umbrella helped her hair hold out for the duration of our shoot.

Tip 3:

Microfiber cloth. If you don't typically carry one, I suggest you break that habit. The amount of little snowflakes that found their way onto our lenses was remarkable.

Tip 4:

The lighting is exceptional. You're basically dealing with a giant softbox in the sky and all that snow just reflects all the beautiful light. That said, watch your exposure. All the white can play tricks on the eyes making it seem like your images are over exposed causing you to make incorrect adjustments. While that's an easy post fix, best not to have to deal with it at all. So don't be afraid to double check your histogram to ensure proper exposure. (It's even helpful to under expose a tad in order to retain detail in those whites)

Tip 5:

Advise multiple outfit changes. While I typically do this anyway, I wasn't thinking about the fact that snow would eventually start to leave spots on their clothes. Unless they're wearing water resistant clothing, you're going to notice it. Also an easy fix after the fact, but a bit tedious.

Last but not, least Tip 6:

Have honest expectations. Shooting in the snow is cold and wet. It's beautiful but their is a cost. Let your couple know they are more than welcome to jump in their car if they get too cold. Luckily we shot in a couple spots so a warm up happened while driving. 

Tip 6 1/2:

Always, always work with the most awesome of people. The kind of people who aren't afraid of a little snow. The kind of people who make you forget it's cold because it's so magical.

I'm sure there are other tips from those who have more experience shooting in the elements and I'd love to hear them! Have something? Share it!

Happy hump day folks!

Engagement Session in the Snow : A Plus L Photo