Friday Favorites: Dog Friendly Camping

A huge perk of camping off the grid is that our dogs are able to run and play without any restrictions. We know that most camp grounds are "Dog Friendly", but we prefer locations where Sailor and Echo don't need to be leashed. If you're a dog person you understand that crazy dog parent feeling you get when you see your furry companion so stoked on life. Oh and another huge plus to letting them wear themselves out is that they get uber cuddly. And I love cuddling.

So here are a few of our favorite spots! If you know of other good places totally leave a comment so we can check them out!  

First up are the little spots along the salmon river on the way to Mt. Hood. It's a beautiful hike on it's own, but then you stumble on these little camp spots right on the river. Such a beautiful and peaceful spot to camp and the dogs love it.

Then there's this little gem we stumbled on up in the Northern part of the Olympic Peninsula. We'll definitely have to head back to this spot when everything's not frozen.


On one trip out to the Oregon coast we found a clearing large enough for a handful of vans and plenty of space for the doggies to get a workout.

These last two are actual campgrounds, but we got lucky and they were unoccupied. This one is Camp Sherman down near Sisters, OR. The dogs slept for days after this trip.

This last spot was a little campground right on the Salmon River. So beautiful and peaceful. 

Cannot wait for the weather to get a bit better so we can get back out there and continue exploring this beautiful corner of the world. Happy Friday folks!