Lief Family | O'Neill Regional Park Family Session

Oh the silly voices and schenanigans that went on with this sweet family. While I'm not ashamed of it, I am glad that not everyone gets to see the lengths I'll go to in order to get a child to smile. It's straight up ridiculous. Thankfully Ami and Doug helped A TON (and didn't judge!).

Thanks to stuffed elephants, kissy noises and acting like a goober, we got some adorable shots of little CeCe. Not to mention great shots of this special little family. But truly, even when she's not smiling, cares nothing about the camera or the goofing around, she's still just as precious. A huge thank you to Ami and Doug for being flexible with their schedule so we could get together. I cannot wait to see the beautiful human that CeCe turns into because of your amazing parenting. XOXO.

Lindsey + Andy: Laguna Beach Engagement Session

Lindsey + Andy: Laguna Beach Engagement Session

We had the sweetest little engagement session with these two! I met Lindsey briefly about a year and a half ago (time flies!) and was thrilled to hear from her again!