For more information regarding commercial and lifestyle photography, please contact us directly. It's not that we're hiding anything, it's just such a broad subject. We'd be here for days! Here's a few quick questions and answers to get you started. 


Q: What is your per shot rate? or do you shoot with a Day Rate? 

A: That depends on what you are shooting and if it's on Location or In Studio. We try and keep your budget in mind and work with you any way we can to help you get the most out of your budget. 

Q: What Style Photography do you concentrate on? Product, Food, Beauty (Model)? 

A: We are well diversified in all of these categories. With 16 Cumulative years of experience between the two of us, we will surely be able to meet your needs however in depth it may be. 

Q: Do you scout for Locations and hire Models for shoots? 

A: We can do all of this for you and put together one estimate or if you need it separate we can do that too. We are here to make this easy, if you don't want to worry about anything, let us handle it all.  Just give us a little direction, a budget and we will make it happen. 

Q: Do you work with Start Up companies? Do you shoot on the weekends? 

A: Yes, we adore Start Up companies, after all, at some point we all have to start from nothing. Weekends? We understand.... while we prefer to shoot during the week, we get that sometimes this just isn't possible. Let's Chat!

Q: Do you offer high end retouching services or do we need to contract that out?

A: Yes we can do all the high end retouching and Image compositing. We specialize in Product and Beauty image manipulation. Most high end retouching is an extra fee that we can discuss once we figure out what you are exactly looking for.