We love what we do. Truly. And we do our best to be upfront about everything because we want our interaction with you to be amazeballs. So here's where we tell you a bunch of things.
If you have additional questions, punch that contact button and
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Q. Honestly, let's get straight to the point. How much?

A. Pricing for wedding day coverage starts at $2800. Each and every package includes an engagement session, wedding day coverage with both Adam and Laura, full usage rights of final images, and presents. We love to give presents. Shoot us a quick message and we'll give you gobs more info and package details. Oh, we're also totally comfortable customizing a package that fits you guys perfectly.

Q. Why do I need two photographers?

A. Two different angles? Two different perspectives? The ability to split up to capture more of the action? Need I say more?

Q. Why A Plus L Photo?

A. Because we freakin love shooting weddings. Seriously though. We've had the opportunity to shoot tons of weddings and because of that we have a serious strategy and game plan.  We love being able to capture so much of a wedding day. As cheesy as it sounds, a wedding day is magical. To be able to give our couples these pictures that help them relive this once in a lifetime day, there aren't even words. 

Q. How would you describe A Plus L Photo's style of photography?

A. Our style leans towards the photojournalistic style. Meaning that we do our best to capture a wedding day the way it really happened. Sure we will definitely spend some time posing our couples, but we really love to capture moments. The unplanned, the genuine, the laughter, the little things that will transport you back to that very second in time.

Q. How involved do you get with your couples?

A. As involved as you'll let us. We know you hire a event coordinator for a reason, but we are always here to help. Whether that's figuring out your timeline, talking about locations for picture time, or even picking the best time of day for an outdoor wedding - you name it, we'll do whatever we can to help.

Q. After the wedding, how long until we get to see all the images?

A. Pretty soon after the wedding we'll start posting sneak peeks and a blog post so that you can see a glimpse of your images. Final delivery of all images takes around 5-6 weeks post wedding. You will receive your high resolution images as a digital download. These images will also be in the cloud for 10 years should you not get around to downloading the whole set right away.


For more information regarding commercial and lifestyle photography, please contact us directly. It's not that we're hiding anything, it's just such a broad subject. We'd be here for days! Here's a few quick questions and answers to get you started. 


Q: What is your per shot rate? or do you shoot with a Day Rate? 

A: That depends on what you are shooting and if it's on Location or In Studio. We try and keep your budget in mind and work with you any way we can to help you get the most out of your budget. 

Q: What Style Photography do you concentrate on? Product, Food, Beauty (Model)? 

A: We are well diversified in all of these categories. With 16 Cumulative years of experience between the two of us, we will surely be able to meet your needs however in depth it may be. 

Q: Do you scout for Locations and hire Models for shoots? 

A: We can do all of this for you and put together one estimate or if you need it separate we can do that too. We are here to make this easy, if you don't want to worry about anything, let us handle it all.  Just give us a little direction, a budget and we will make it happen. 

Q: Do you work with Start Up companies? Do you shoot on the weekends? 

A: Yes, we adore Start Up companies, after all, at some point we all have to start from nothing. Weekends? We understand.... while we prefer to shoot during the week, we get that sometimes this just isn't possible. Let's Chat!

Q: Do you offer high end retouching services or do we need to contract that out?

A: Yes we can do all the high end retouching and Image compositing. We specialize in Product and Beauty image manipulation. Most high end retouching is an extra fee that we can discuss once we figure out what you are exactly looking for. 


Q. Do you both shoot boudoir?

A. Nope! Just Laura. 

Q. How do I schedule a session?

A. Use the Connect button in the top right corner or shoot me an email at Laura(at)APlusLPhoto(dot)com. From there we will work out possible dates/times.

Q. Where do you shoot your boudoir sessions?

A. All boudoir sessions are shot on location. I'm open to getting creative with the location, but I've found my clients are most comfortable in their own home.

Q. What type of investment are we talking about?

A. To keep things simple, I only have one package. The package investment is $400 and includes 1-2 hours of on-location photography, 4-5 outfit changes, digital proofing gallery, 10 expertly retouched images with usage rights. There is also the option to purchase additional edited images at $10 per image.

Q. I'm a little nervous...

A. TOTALLY understand!! That's why I do my best to keep each session light and fun. That doesn't mean we're not going to get seriously gorgeous and sexy shots, just that we'll share some stories and laughs along the way! I have never once finished a session with a client who still felt awkward. Fine, I may be bragging but I seriously love shooting boudoir, and part of my job is making sure everyone is comfortable! Still nervous? Well I don't mind connecting before the shoot, just let me know!

Q. How long does it take for me to be able to see my images?

A. Typically, I'll have them ready to view in under a week. From there you choose your favorites and the editing begins. Editing also takes about a week. 

Q. If I want an album, can I do that through you?

A. Sure can! We use an amazing album company called KISS books that produce fabulous albums! 

Q. After the Photo Shoot, are you going to put pictures of me up on your website or blog?

A. Well yes, yes I am! But never fear... I won't post anything that is less than gorgeous and tasteful! Honestly, the images I post in public don't typically show my clients face. And should you ever feel like an image makes you uncomfortable, all you have to do is let me know and it's gone! And for bride's gifting these images as their wedding day gift, I want it to be a surprise as much as you do, so I won't post anything until after he's had his socks blown off! I'll have you sign a release during the photo session so we're all on the same page.

Still have questions? Let's connect and I'll give you whatever info you need!


Q. What type of portrait photography do you shoot?

A. All kinds. Maternity, Seniors, Family etc. You name it, we shoot it.

Q. What is included in a session?

A. Obviously the actual session is included. We're flexible on the amount of time, wardrobe changes etc. Then we give you all final images after we cull and edit. Those are delivered via online gallery. You will have rights to those images and can print wherever your little heart desires.

Q. How much is a session?

A. While each session is formed on a case by case basis - we start off at $300* for most portrait sessions. But there are some like model or senior shoots that we've set up packages for. Just contact us and we'll give you the skinny on all that pricing stuff.

Q. How long does it take to receive the final images?

A. Typically it takes 1-2 weeks. There is give and take on this depending on the amount of retouch work that we do after the session.

Q. Will you help us decide on a location? Wardrobe? Time of day?

A. Absolutely! We're definitely here to collaborate. We'll also tell you if something is a not so good idea. We've been around the block a couple times and want you to get the best images possible. 


*if you are friend, family, or are a prior client,
please contact us for your special pricing.