Q. Honestly, let's get straight to the point. How much?

A. Pricing for wedding day coverage starts at $2800. Each and every package includes an engagement session, wedding day coverage with both Adam and Laura, full usage rights of final images, and presents. We love to give presents. Shoot us a quick message and we'll give you gobs more info and package details. Oh, we're also totally comfortable customizing a package that fits you guys perfectly.

Q. Why do I need two photographers?

A. Two different angles? Two different perspectives? The ability to split up to capture more of the action? Need I say more?

Q. Why A Plus L Photo?

A. Because we freakin love shooting weddings. Seriously though. We've had the opportunity to shoot tons of weddings and because of that we have a serious strategy and game plan.  We love being able to capture so much of a wedding day. As cheesy as it sounds, a wedding day is magical. To be able to give our couples these pictures that help them relive this once in a lifetime day, there aren't even words. 

Q. How would you describe A Plus L Photo's style of photography?

A. Our style leans towards the photojournalistic style. Meaning that we do our best to capture a wedding day the way it really happened. Sure we will definitely spend some time posing our couples, but we really love to capture moments. The unplanned, the genuine, the laughter, the little things that will transport you back to that very second in time.

Q. How involved do you get with your couples?

A. As involved as you'll let us. We know you hire a event coordinator for a reason, but we are always here to help. Whether that's figuring out your timeline, talking about locations for picture time, or even picking the best time of day for an outdoor wedding - you name it, we'll do whatever we can to help.

Q. After the wedding, how long until we get to see all the images?

A. Pretty soon after the wedding we'll start posting sneak peeks and a blog post so that you can see a glimpse of your images. Final delivery of all images takes around 5-6 weeks post wedding. You will receive your high resolution images as a digital download. These images will also be in the cloud for 10 years should you not get around to downloading the whole set right away.